Proper Use Tips For Electricity

If you want electricity you need to respect it.  Many people don’t really focus on electricity or its dangers. However, after talking to a commercial electrical in Inglewood CA we learned some very useful and helpful tips for you to know about electricity.

Don’t bury cords

In your house you don’t want to bury cord under carpets or under rugs.  Many people believe if you run these under the carpet that you can’t see them, and you won’t trip over them.  This is actually the opposite.  When we see the cord, we tend to avoid them.  When we don’t see them then we are not conscious of their presence and will typically fall.

If you want to hide your cords, there are specially designed pieces of molding that you can run your cords through that will hide them.  Look into these if you want to hide the cords.

Get rid of damaged extension cords

Don’t be cheap and don’t think you can patch it.  When you have a damaged extension cord or other cords that go to your devices you want to toss them and don’t try to fix with electrical tape.  Many feel that this is an acceptable way of doing things but in fact you are only prolonging a dangerous situation.

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Avoid water

This should be a common one that you should already know.  Electricity and water don’t mix.  If you are working around water you will want to move away to a safe distance.  If it is going to rain, work in an area that is covered and protected from the elements.  The last thing you want to do is have water and electricity come in contact.

When it comes to electricity and your devices think before you act.  This will help ensure that you and others are safe and that your devices will last a long time.