How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Design without Sacrificing Space and Organization

Your bathroom is the one place in your home where clutter can go unnoticed for a long time. The average person spends a half-hour in their bathroom every day, but that’s usually in a rush to get ready to leave for work or go to bed at a decent time. Clutter and rushes can wreck any room in your home, so maybe it’s time for a slowdown and a redesign to save space and better organize your bathroom.

This article is all about upgrades and organization. You can choose a redesign and remodel method that allows you to add a few luxuries without sacrificing space in your bathroom.

Relax with a Better Showerhead in a New Tub

The quality of the showerhead in your bathroom makes a difference. Trickles of water can frustrate you because you don’t feel like you’re getting clean. Whereas a massaging showerhead can ease the pain in your muscles and help you unwind.

The kind of tub you have will also make a difference. You could invest in a total bathtub remodel to get the deep tub of your dreams, also known as the perfect place for relaxing bubble baths.

Use Drawers and Baskets to Organize Bathroom Essentials

Adding drawers or counter baskets can help organize your bathroom essentials, like toothbrushes and hairbrushes, to reduce clutter. Get the basket in your favorite colors for an instant mood boost.

Install a Shelf for a Few Candles in Your Favorite Scents

Your favorite scents make you happy, but too many candles can clutter a bathroom counter. Put a shelf above your toilet for candles in your favorite scents. Light one when you take a bath – but don’t forget to blow it out before you leave the bathroom.

bathtub remodel

Seek Solace in an Upgraded, Better Organized Bathroom!

With a few upgrades and better organization, your bathroom can transform into a place of solace, like a sanctuary where you can unwind after a hard workday. Draw yourself a bubble bath and soak away your stresses, because your bathroom is one less thing you have to worry over.